Purple Heart Foundation Partnerships

We are proud to collaborate with a variety of partner organizations who recognize the importance of our mission to support and honor veterans who have sacrificed for our nation.

Through your support of these organizations, the Purple Heart Foundation is able to offer more critical assistance grants and scholarships to veterans and their families, continue its efforts to fund the training of more service dogs and increase awareness of and grants to veterans’ mental health support.

Announcing Our Newest Partnership!

The Purple Heart Foundation is proud to announce our newest Partnership – The Veteran-Owned Coffee Platoon featuring “Oh George” Dark Roast Coffee created specially for The Purple Heart Foundation

Proceeds from the sale of every 12-ounce bag of “Oh George” coffee go directly to funding Purple Heart Foundation initiatives.

Click here to learn more.


Partners in Support of Veteran Mental Health

Reflex AI HomeTeam

HomeTeam is a free, online educational program that equips veterans to support peers with their mental health. Short video modules are paired with practice simulations in which participants can apply what they’ve learned. The training has been built in collaboration with independent clinicians and input from hundreds of veterans to ensure the experience is representative. Click here for more

Capital Caring Health

Capital Caring Health serves the healthcare needs of people throughout Washington, D.C., southern Maryland, and northern Virginia. It also offers incredible support for veterans, including hiring veterans for transportation service positions, offering free robotic pets for veterans living with dementia, and offering a full array of veteran-specific health support services. Click here for more 

Warrior GMR Foundation

The Warrior GMR Foundation brings together veterans and youth through compelling gaming experiences beyond entertainment. It fosters a culture of mentoring and support, using games to address mental health issues and build resilience. Their activities span gaming events, workshops, and training sessions, where individuals acquire enhanced communication skills and strategic thinking and learn the importance of teamwork. Click here for more.

Military Womens Memorial

This leading memorial and education center, based in Arlington, VA, honors the commitment, contributions, and experiences of Servicewomen throughout the history of the U.S. Military. As a community partner, the Purple Heart Foundation works to promote and celebrate women’s Purple Heart recipients. Click here for more.

Patriot PowerUp: Veteran Mental Health Treatment Program

Patriot PowerUp is to residential mental health treatment program for veterans and is part of the VA Community Care Network. They offer residential treatment setting that provides  an immersive healing environment, giving our veterans the opportunity to focus solely on their recovery without distractions. Click here for more.

Katie’s Way Plus – a Revolution in Military Mental Health Wellness

Discover a new path to mental wellness beyond Deep TMS. At Katie’s Way Plus, we’re more than just services; we’re a comprehensive approach that redefines mental health care. With a remarkable 50% success rate, our Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) is just the beginning. We invite prospective patients to explore the benefits of Deep TMS in Alaska, changing how individuals address their mental health needs and improve mental fitness. Click here for more.

Join Us In Making a Difference – Become a Purple Heart Foundation Partner

Can you help us fund a Critical Assistance Grant? Support a Scholarship? Contribute the funds to train a service dog? Help us fund TBI and PTS programs?

There are numerous opportunities for you to help us and raise the profile of your business at the same time!

  • Fund a Critical Assistance Grant – Your $2,500 donation can literally change the life of veteran facing financial hardship. Would you be willing to donate the equivalent of a Critical Assistance Grant every quarter to be featured throughout our organization?
  • Would you be willing to hold a Purple Heart Foundation fundraising event at your business? We have a national reach and can promote connect with hundreds of thousands of people to promote it!

There are any number of way you can get involved. Just let us know you’re interested! Contact  Jim Hatch to see what we can do to work together!

Featured Partners

Cannabreeze Virginia Hemp

Navy Veteran-Owned Cannabreeze offers a comprehensive line of 100% organically grown and produced CBD products.

Any Veteran who visits the Cannabreeze farm receives free products along with discounts on their purchases. The company is also providing donations to the Purple Heart Foundation through its online store. Using the promo code helpavet, you can get 15% off your entire order, and Cannabreeze will give an additional 10% back to the Foundation.

Click here to learn more.

Give Credit

If you’re a business owner accepting debit and credit card payments, Give Credit can help you accept payments effortlessly, securely, and philanthropically! In fact, we use Give Credit to process all of our online donations, so we realize an even greater impact with every donation.

Click here to learn more.

Washington Tattoo

The Washington Tattoo’s mission is to reshape today’s conversation around mental health for active duty personnel, veterans, first responders, and families through the power of music wellness.

Click here to learn more.

Charitable Payraise®

Charitable Payraise® offers a unique method for those planning their retirement to significantly reduce their taxes, increase after-tax cash flow, and create a living legacy of good works via charitable giving.

Click here to learn how you can leave a Legacy to the Purple Heart Foundation.


Learn how you can save on your most common household monthly bills through BillSaver. And when they negotiate a better rate for you, we get a portion of some of the money saved!

Click here to learn more.

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Veteran-Owned Partners

Rugged Pilot Coffee

Rugged Pilot Coffee was started by a disabled Army veteran as an opportunity to help a fellow aviator. We are currently partnering with them to launch a Purple Heart Foundation coffee, and an anncoucement will be made soon when it becomes available. In the meantime, click here to learn more.

Marketing Support Partners

LinTaylor Marketing Group

We are honored to have the fine folks at LinTaylor Marketing Group in Winston-Salem, NC as our strategic marketing and graphic design support partner. Click here for more.

Become a Purple Heart Foundation Partner, and Help Us Help Our Veterans!

The mark of war for many veterans is felt way past their tour of duty. The scars these marks leave, both physically and mentally, carry over into the transition from military to civilian life.

A recent study by PEW Research found that three in ten veterans say it was very difficult to transition into their new lives. Among our post-9/11 heroes, many stated that they had difficulties paying bills and faced a variety of mental health challenges, such as PTSD.

Our mission at the Purple Heart Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of Purple Heart recipients and other honorably discharged veterans and their families. We provide them with the resources they need to pay their bills by providing critical assistance grants for those facing immediate financial crises. We also focus on the future by providing educational scholarships for Purple Heart veterans and their families, as well as providing service dogs and funding grants for PTS services.

The ONLY way we succeed is through donations and the development of partnerships with businesses from across the country!

How We Make an Impact 

Our V-School Scholarship program provides up to $2,000 in funds for honorably discharged veterans and their families to achieve their academic dreams.


Our In-House Academic Scholarship provides up to $2,000 in funds for Purple Heart recipients and their direct descendants (included adopted children and grandchildren).


We offer one-time assistance of up to $2,500 to qualified recipients who are facing everything from late rent or mortgage payments to costly auto repair bills.


A service dog is specially trained to help veterans who have disabilities other than visual impairment. A service dog is trained to perform tasks that mitigate disabilities the handler experiences and performs these tasks while in public, the workplace, or at home. The training of one service dog can range from $25,000 to $50,000 and more!


We support non-political programs that enhance the lives of wounded and disabled veterans and their families. These grants assist groups to fund programs and activities congruent with the Foundation’s mission of enhancing the quality of life of Purple Heart recipients and other honorably discharged veterans and their families. Last year, we contributed over $600,000 to grant requests.


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