Purple Heart Foundation Partnerships

Support Those Who Support Us!

At the Purple Heart Foundation, our mission is to provide unwavering support to combat-wounded Veterans and honorably discharged service members. Our work is anchored on four key pillars:

  1. Providing Critical Assistance Grants
  2. Connecting Veterans to Mental Health Resources
  3. Supporting the Training of Service Dogs
  4. Providing Scholarship Assistance to Veterans to Supplement G.I. Bill Deficiencies

Why Support Our Sponsors?

The generosity of our partners enables us to continue providing essential services to Veterans in need. By supporting them, you directly contribute to:

  • Critical Financial Assistance that can be the difference between stability and crisis for many Veterans facing financial hardship.
  • Life-Saving Mental Health Resources that promote real and lasting well-being.
  • Educational Access allowing Veterans to pursue higher education and vocational training after their service.
  • Service Dog Training Programs that fund the training of dogs for Veterans in need of physical and emotional support.

Veteran-Owned Business Partnerships

We’re honored these Veteran-Owned businesses have chosen to join us in support of our efforts!

Cannabreeze Virginia Hemp

Cannabreeze Virginia Hemp features a full line of exceptional organic CBD products. Use promo code HelpAVet for a discount and a donation to us!

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The Coffee Platoon

Featuring “Oh George” Dark Roast Coffee created specially for The Purple Heart Foundation.

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Rugged Pilot

Show your true colors and support the us when you purchase a Rugged Pilot Purple Heart Foundation T-shirt!

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Featured Business Partnerships

We’re grateful to the businesses who are working to help us fund our mission goals in our support of Combat Wounded and Honorably Discharged Veterans.

Capital Caring Health

Capital Caring Health sells Robotic Companion Pets and often encourages their use in care plans for Veteran and patients with Dementia. They make a donation to us for every robotic pet sold.

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Give Credit

If you’re a business owner accepting debit and credit card payments, Give Credit can help you accept payments effortlessly, securely, and philanthropically!

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Charitable Payraise®

Charitable Payraise® offers a unique method for those planning their retirement to significantly reduce their taxes, increase after-tax cash flow, and create a living legacy of good works via charitable giving.

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Learn how you can save on your most common household monthly bills through BillSaver. And when they negotiate a better rate for you, we get a portion of some of the money saved!

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Partners in Support of Veteran Mental Health

Reflex AI

Reflex AI’s HomeTeam is a free, online educational program that equips veterans to support peers with their mental health.

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Warrior GMR Foundation

The Warrior GMR Foundation brings together veterans and youth through compelling gaming experiences beyond entertainment by fostering a culture of mentoring and support.

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Patriot PowerUp

Patriot PowerUp is to residential mental health treatment program for veterans and is part of the VA Community Care Network.

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Katie’s Way Plus

Katie’s Way Plus is a comprehensive approach that redefines mental health care. With a remarkable 50% success rate, their Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) is just the beginning.

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Join Us In Making a Difference – Becoming a Purple Heart Foundation Partner

Can you help us fund a Critical Assistance Grant? Support a Scholarship? Contribute the funds to train a service dog? Help us fund TBI and PTS programs?

There are numerous opportunities for you to help us and raise the profile of your business at the same time!

  • Purple Heart Supporter Window Sticker: $2,500 – Show people you proudly support our military veterans every time someone walks into your store, restaurant, or office. The QR code on the sticker allows passers-by to donate on the spot.
  • Host A Purple Heart Event – Show your support for our military veterans and support the Purple Heart Foundation in the process!  From breweries and coffee shops to farmers markets and hardware stores, if you want to show support and help a great cause in the process, contact  Jim Hatch to see what we can do to work together!

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Our Mission

The mission of the Purple Heart Service Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of Purple Heart recipients and other honorably discharged veterans and their families.