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Charitable Payraise®

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Charitable Payraise® Summary

Charitable Payraise® offers a unique method for those planning their retirement to significantly reduce their taxes, increase after-tax cash flow, and create a living legacy of good works via charitable giving.

Using the Charitable Payraise® proprietary ROQS® Method app, you can project potential scenarios related to your holdings, compare and contrast ROQS® versus traditional strategies, and forecast long-term results for you and the charity(s) you choose.

The Charitable Payraise® allows veterans, donors, and the broader community to review their retirement and giving plans to maximize their after-tax cash flow and potentially increase their impact to organizations, like the Purple Heart Foundation.

How Can Charitable Payraise Can Help You

  • Generate after-tax cash flow: An average improvement of after-tax cash flow of 20-40% is usually realized.
  • Increase charitable giving, without impacting retirement: Non-Profits receive annual revenue for the life (and spouse) and a major final bequest.
  • Optimize tax planning: In most cases, a significant tax deduction is generated which can be used for several client purposes including ROTH IRA conversions.

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The mission of the Purple Heart Service Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of Purple Heart recipients and other honorably discharged veterans and their families.