Mission Statement

Holistically enhancing the quality of life of all veterans and their families, providing them with direct service and fostering an environment of comradery and goodwill among combat-wounded veterans.


For over 60 years the Purple Heart Foundation has helped fund programs and services to help ease the transition from the battlefield to the homefront for veterans nationwide. Learn more about the services you can support with your monetary donation, including:

  • Academic Scholarships
  • PTSD Resources
  • Service Dogs
  • Veteran Assistance Grants


No cash? No problem! We accept car and clothing donations too!  Donations are tax-deductible, pick-up is free and the experience is easy and convenient. Visit our Car Donation and our Clothing Donation pages to learn more about these alternative types of donations, where we pick-up from, what types of household goods are accepted, and more.

Honoring Their Sacrifice, With Our Service

Board Of Directors


The Purple Heart Foundation provides a series of programs and services directed at helping ease the transition from the battlefield to the homefront for veterans at various stages of their life. For learn more about each service we provide, how to apply or how to donate to help fund that service, please visit our services page.

Academic Scholarships

The Purple Heart Foundation Scholarship Program is designed to provide financial support to Purple Heart recipients and their families for the direct costs of higher education. It covers things like tuition, books, incidental fees, room and board.

PTSD Resources

Providing grants to institutions focused on finding a cure for Post-Traumatic Stress. Sharing stories, articles, books and new research about PTSD to promote awareness. Giving veterans with PTSD free registration to play in our golf tournament as a form of Post-Traumatic Stress therapy.

Service Dogs

The Purple Heart Foundation raises money to place certified service dogs with combat-wounded veterans annually.

Veteran Assistance Grants

Money raised to support veterans at-risk for homelessness by helping pay minor bills that they can’t afford at the time, including utilities, car payments, rent, etc.


Purple Heart Recipients interested in becoming a member of the fraternity of combat-wounded veterans should click here in order to learn how to become a member and join their local chapter. *Anyone interested must have a DD-214.

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