Donation: Charitable PayRaise


With great excitement, we would like to officially announce the strategic partnership between The Purple Heart Foundation and The Charitable Payraise®, in time for Purple Heart Day. For over 65 years, The Purple Heart Foundation has helped fund programs and services to help veterans transition to civilian life.

The Charitable Payraise® helps facilitate a planned gift and a legacy-defining bequest. The strategic partnership with The Charitable Payraise® will allow veterans, donors, and the broader community to review their retirement and giving plans to maximize their after-tax cash flow and increase their impact. 

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As the son of a son of Marine Officers, it is our honor to partner with The Purple Heart Foundation to serve those who have so honorably served us. Our mission is to expand the opportunities to give to this noble cause while helping donors improve their own retirements. We hope you will inquire about this ‘Win-Win’ opportunity,” said Bill Lloyd when describing why the partnership means so much to him personally.

One of the giving options with The Purple Heart Foundation is through bequests. If you have a highly appreciated asset, such as land, stock, etc., The Charitable Payraise® can assess if your retirement cash flow and giving can be increased. They work with your financial advisor as part of the assessment. The Charitable Payraise team has created a new financial method, and with their patented approach and financial app, it is easy to see if adding them to your financial planning makes sense.

You can learn more on Charitable Payraise’s How It Works Page about their approach and how we can help.

You can also learn more at Interested in enhancing the lives of veterans everywhere? Learn more about the amazing impacts you can make at


Our Mission

The mission of the Purple Heart Service Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of Purple Heart recipients and other honorably discharged veterans and their families.