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The mission of the Purple Heart Service Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of Purple Heart recipients and other honorably discharged veterans and their families.

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Donating a vehicle to The Purple Heart has never been easier! Whether it’s a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle, your tax-deductible gift can make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. Simply fill out the car donation form below or give us a call to get started. We’ll pick up your vehicle at no cost to you, and you’ll receive a donation receipt for your heartfelt gift. It’s that easy!

Whether it’s a car, SUV, motorcycle, boat, ATV, or even a plane… make your tax-deductible gift in 3 easy steps! The Purple Heart® car donation process has never been easier. Have any questions? Call us at 888-414-4483 to get started!

Vehicle Donation FAQs

As a result of our generous car donors, Purple Heart has been able to provide many quality programs that have helped thousands of veterans across the country (see our services). Your support is needed and appreciated.

The IRS allows a donor to claim the fair market value up to $500 for a donated vehicle. However, if the charity sells the donated vehicle for over $500, the IRS allows the donor to claim the selling price as a tax deduction. Purple Heart evaluates each donated vehicle to obtain the highest possible selling price for the vehicle in an effort to generate funds for our veterans and to maximize the donor’s tax deduction. Find the IRS tax publication here.

Yes. You must have a clear title (no liens) to donate your car. If there is a lien holder and/or a secured party listed on the title, we must have a copy of the lien release along with the title even if the lien has been paid off.

After you have made arrangements to donate your vehicle, one of our professional towing companies will call you to arrange a convenient date to pick up your vehicle.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Purple Heart is the military’s oldest award and was created by General George Washington in 1782 as a Badge of Military Merit to recognize heroic acts by his troops.

Since 1957, the Purple Heart Service Foundation has seen it as its patriotic duty to be a beacon of hope and support for those who have given so much of themselves in service to their country.

We can only do that with the support and generosity of others, and we offer several ways for individuals and businesses to honor the sacrifices so many men and women made to protect the life and liberty we enjoy today as U.S. citizens.

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