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“My father was in WWII, and he was a Sharpshooter. He loved his time in the Army and was even offered a Purple Heart metal that he graciously declined. His view was that it was his job and commitment to our country, and he did not need to be awarded for it. My youngest son followed in his grandfather’s footsteps. He joined the Air Force and is a Staff Sergeant. He was driving his grandpa’s car but did not need it once he deployed. Our options were either drive the car back to Arizona, sell it, or donate it. We thought donating the car in his grandfather’s name to Purple Heart would be the best and most impactful choice.”

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How To Donate Your Vehicle

Whether it's a car, SUV, motorcycle, boat, ATV or even a plane... make your tax-deductible gift in 3 easy steps! The Purple Heart® car donation process has never been easier.


Call or complete the 90-second online form. Have your vehicle title ready for quick & easy processing.




A vehicle tow service will call to arrange your pick-up. You will receive a receipt at the time of pick-up.




If your vehicle sells for $500 or more, you’ll receive an IRS tax receipt via mail.

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Services Your Vehicle Donation Supports

Thanks to your vehicle donations, all services and assistance programs provided to wounded and disabled veterans and their families by the Purple Heart Foundation are completely free. Below are some of the many local and regional programs that we provide for our dedicated heroes.

Academic Scholarships

The Purple Heart Foundation Scholarship Program is designed to provide financial support to Purple Heart recipients and their families for the direct costs of higher education. It covers things like tuition, books, educational fees, room and board and more.

Service Dogs

The Purple Heart Foundation raises money to place trained and certified service dogs with combat-wounded veterans nationwide for companionship as well as to assist with emotional therapy and daily tasks that may be otherwise impossible or extremely difficult due to their injuries.

PTSD Resources

The Purple Heart Foundation provides resources, research and recreational therapy opportunities through events, art, music, sports and other forms of physical therapy for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.

Veteran Assistance Grants

Our Veteran Assistance Grants are designed to provide financial aid to veterans in crisis to prevent increased veteran homelessness. Veteran Assistance Grants may cover rent, utilities, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the Military Order of the Purple Heart?

A: The Military Order of the Purple Heart is a national organization composed of combat-wounded veterans who have been awarded the Purple Heart medal.

Q: How does the Purple Heart Car Donation Program make a difference?

A: As a result of our generous car donors, Purple Heart has been able to provide many quality programs that have helped thousands of veterans across the  country (see programs and outreach page). Your support is needed and appreciated.

Q: How does the tax deduction work?

A: The IRS allows a donor to claim the fair market value up $500 for a donated vehicle. However, if the charity sells the donated vehicle for over $500, the IRS allows the donor to claim the selling price as a tax deduction. Purple Heart evaluates each donated vehicle to obtain the highest possible selling price for the vehicle in an effort to generate funds for our veterans and to maximize the donor’s tax deduction. Find the IRS tax publication here.

Q: Do I need a title to donate my car?

A: Yes. You must have a clear title (no liens) to donate your car. If there is a lien holder and/or a secured party listed on the title, we must have a copy of the lien release along with the title even if the lien has been paid off.

Q: How does my donated vehicle get picked up?

A: After you have made arrangements to donate your vehicle, one of our professional towing companies will call you to arrange a convenient date to pick up your vehicle.

Q: What states do you accept car donations in?

A: All 50 states and the District of Columbia.