Veterans should not have to choose between keeping the lights on and putting food on the table. After all, they have sacrificed for us, now it’s our turn to give back to them. That’s why the Purple Heart Foundation will be providing Veterans Critical Assistance Grants to veterans facing hardships.

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If you are a veteran in crisis that owes emergency debts, you may check for the Veterans Critical Assistance Grant application on the 1st of every month. This program is closed as the funds allocated have been exhausted for this quarter. Check back on October 1, 2023. 

1. Grants may include but are not limited to, past-due rent, utilities, minor car repairs, medical assistance, and more.

2. The Foundation does not reimburse the veteran for previous bill payments or repair payments. All requests must be approved by the grant committee before funds are paid.

3. Once approved, Veteran Critical Assistance Grants are paid directly to the creditor by the Purple Heart Foundation, not to the veteran.

4. Except for minor car repairs, bills must be delinquent to be considered. The veteran must be able to provide a current copy of the past-due statements or notice and/or cut-off notices. Screen shots are not acceptable.

5. An invoice/estimate will be needed for all car repairs from a licensed garage or dealership for committee review. You will be notified whether the committee will fund the repair.

6. The Foundation does not make on-line payments. Payments are made to creditors by check.

7. One lifetime grant per veteran. Recipients of the Veteran Critical Assistance grant program may not re-apply for this grant and/or will not be approved for more than one grant.

8. The total grant amount may not exceed $2,500.00. If approved, the grant amount will be for the total of the allowable bills submitted not to exceed $2,500.00. Some grants will not reach the $2,500.00 limit.

9. Partial payments or payments to reduce a debt are prohibited, therefore grant applications will not be approved if the past due debt owed exceeds the maximum grant amount of $2,500.00.

10. Grants may NOT be received for expenses such as taxes, child support, fines/fees associated with civil or criminal offenses, motor vehicle registrations, licenses, tuitions, credit card debt, first month’s rent or security deposits. All submitted bills are subject to review by the grant committee.

11. Those receiving grant funds will be required to sign the grant acceptance and publicity release form provided by the Purple Heart Foundation prior to receiving the grant.

12. Those receiving grant funds will be required to write an acknowledgment letter to the Purple Heart Foundation’s Board of Directors.

NOTE: Grant applications will be held for two weeks. If the veteran does not send requested documents within two weeks, the grant application will be closed.

The Critical Assistance Grant Program has exhausted all allocated funds for this fiscal quarter.

Our Mission

The mission of the Purple Heart Service Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of Purple Heart recipients and other honorably discharged veterans and their families.