Delbert Turner

Delbert started his career in the United States Marine Corps and later retired as a Master Gunnery Sergeant (E9) in 1990. During his 30-year stint with the Marines, he was a member of the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines in Vietnam from September 1966 – January 1969, where he received two Purple Hearts. He also held many different assignments such as; Headquarters Marine Corps and Naval Staff and a Plank owner with the RDJTF at MacDill Airforce Base. He served here as a senior enlisted member and was responsible for writing the Marine Corps logistical Missions in three plans during the American Hostage situation in Iran. 

While assigned to the 1st Marine Brigade, Turner worked closely in the department of Near-Team Per-Positioning Shipping (NPTS), which assisted in the groundwork for Maritime Prepositioning ships (MPS). Near the end of his Military career, Delbert transitioned into serving in the Marine Wing Headquarters, Development Headquarters, and staff at Quantico Development center.  

After retiring, Turner was introduced to MOPH by PNC Duane Brigstock, where he later joined chapter 110. Within his first few months, he was selected to be the chapter’s CFO and Bingos chairman. After being on the MOPH Department of Michigan Finance committee, he later was asked to be the department’s VAVS Director and Commander. He then became the Director of VAVS where he served honorably for the next 19 years.


Years Served on Board: 1

Military Status: Former Master Gunnery Sergeant

Purple Heart Veteran

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