Direct Grants

We award direct grants to MOPH departments, MOPH chapters and the Ladies Auxiliary MOPH departments and units

    • These grants support non-political programs that enhance the lives of wounded and disabled veterans and their families
    • Priority is given to grants researching TBI and PTS
    • Open season for grant requests is January 1st through April 1st each year
    • Find criteria and download request forms here: Grant Request MOPH 2014
    • We will only consider grant requests with agreement from the Military Order of the Purple Heart national organization
Third Party Grants – Currently Not Accepting

We award third-party grants to individuals and organizations that are not part of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) or its subordinate organizations.

These grants support:

    • Non-political programs that enhance the lives of wounded and disabled veterans and their families
    • Programs that further the education and history of the Purple Heart Medal and Purple Heart medal recipients
    • Programs that further the education of the United States constitution and form of government
    • Open season for grant requests is July 1st through September 30th each year
    • The Purple Heart Foundation Board of Directors will approve an annual allocation of funds at each Annual Meeting in November. Additionally, they may decide to specify the type of grants to be approved for the coming year
MOPH National Service Officer Program Grants

In addition to grants to outside groups, we support all veterans through our grants to the MOPH National Service Officer Program

    • Our scholarship grant supports Purple Heart recipients including their families
    • Our welfare and rehabilitation grants support those veterans in VA Hospitals and Veterans Homes

The Purple Heart Service Foundation prioritizes grants to organizations working to improve rehabilitation services for veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), as well as its associated behavioral health problems—depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and suicide and suicide-related behaviors

We award grants to programs that:

    • Improve rehabilitation services to treat individuals with PTS and TBI injuries
    • Train and educate family members or other authorized representatives of veterans suffering from these issues
    • Provide rehabilitation through recreational programs and activities
    • Conduct research that brings a new perspective to TBI data and helps expand and advance our understanding of traumatic brain injury
    • Study suicide among veterans with PTS and TBI, particularly those efforts attempting to determine the prevalence and underlying causal factors of TBI/PTS related suicides
      • Develop effective measures to reduce the incidence of suicide within our veteran and military populations

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The National Intrepid Center of Excellence Satellite Center at Fort Hood opened its doors in January. A donation from the Purple Heart Foundation helped to build this center and your support will continue to help build these facilities across the country.

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