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Tears of a Warrior: A Family’s Story of Combat by Janet and Anthony Seahorn

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“Tears of a Warrior”
Offers Hope and Healing to Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress


Returning war veterans may face a multitude of physical and mental challenges. Veterans’ families are often unprepared to deal with a family member who may experience pain, nightmares, feelings of detachment, irritability, trouble concentrating, and sleeplessness. These are some of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).

Experts estimate that between 25% and 30% of Vietnam veterans who fought in combat have symptoms of PTS and the experiences associated with combat. It’s been recently estimated that 30% of combat soldiers returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan are experiencing similar trauma.
“Tears of a Warrior: A Family’s Story of Combat and Living with PTSD” is a patriotic book written about soldiers who are called to duty in service of their country. It is a story of courage, valor, and life-long sacrifice. Long after the cries of battle have ended, many warriors return home to face a multitude of physical and mental challenges. Author Tony Seahorn writes from his experience as a young army officer in Vietnam who served with the Black Lions of the First Infantry Division, which fought in some of the bloodiest battles of the war.  He was wounded in action and continues to recover from the physical and emotional scars of combat.

Tony returned to Wyoming from the war decorated for heroism. Some of his most honored medals include two Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, Air Medal for Valor in flight, the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross, and a Presidential Unit Citation. He has experienced the trauma of combat. His experience is painful. His story is real.

Janet Seahorn, Tony’s wife and co-author, writes from both the perspective of a wife who has lived for thirty years with a veteran with PTS, and as a professional in human development and neuroscience. Dr. Seahorn’s research has focused on the effects PTS has on the brain, body, and spirit.

“Tears of a Warrior” was written to educate families and veterans about the symptoms of PTS and to offer strategies for living with the disorder. The book includes over 50 photos integrated into the text which provide the reader with a visual picture of the sequence of events as the storyline moves from the realities of combat, to returning home, to the ultimate impact on family and friends. Families and society in general will better understand the long-term effects of combat. Veterans from all wars, regardless of service branch, will benefit by the authors’ experiences and their message of hope.

“If we send them, then we must mend them.”

Recommended by the Secretary of the VA.