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For over 60 years the Purple Heart Foundation has helped fund programs and services to help ease the transition from the battlefield to the homefront for veterans nationwide. Learn more about the services you can support with your monetary donation, including:

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Meet the Stupar Family

While on deployment in Mosul Iraq, in 2004, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, Michael Stupar
was tasked with providing security for a recovery mission. As gunshots echoed all
around, a convoy of injured Iraqi police officers approached seeking medical attention.
While providing first-aid to the wounded officers, Stupar’s team suddenly found
themselves under fire, with shots coming from unknown locations. While attempting
to recover weapons from the back of the truck, Michael saw bullets penetrating the
sand around him before feeling an intense, sharp pain around his left knee that
brought him to the ground.

He somehow managed to get back to the safety of his truck, and eventually returned
to base where shrapnel consistent with that of an AK-47 round was removed from his
leg, leaving Michael in terrible pain, but feeling thankful to have made it out alive.
The harrowing experience and intense pain did not deter Michael from continuing his
mission to serve and protect his country with bravery and courage. He would go on to
serve proudly for a further 17 years in a career that saw him deploy 4 times and
perform a variety of roles and duties that required immense skills, leadership, bravery
and tenacity – including as a Paratrooper and Military Police Officer.
Stupar retired in November 2021, ending a 20-year career decorated with numerous
awards, medals and commendations.

*The process to award Michael his purple heart is currently underway.

Freedom isn't free..

It is paid for with the blood, sweat, and tears of our men and women in uniform. Purple Heart Foundation is proud to partner with Military Makeover on Lifetime to support veteran Michael Stupar and his family as a way to honor our veterans, especially those wounded in combat, as well as bring awareness to issues facing our veterans when they return home. Oftentimes our veterans sustain life-altering injuries, both seen and unseen, that can wreak havoc in the lives of veterans and the ones they love.


Purple Heart Foundation has supported hundreds of thousands of veterans over the last sixty years. We intend to increase support but expand programs to serve thousands more by providing Critical Assistants grants, PTSD and TBI resources, Service Dogs & Recreational Therapy, and Scholarships for Purple Heart Recipients and their families.


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Steve Ruckman 
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